UNCF Statement about the 2020 New Orleans UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball

New Orleans UNCF

After meeting with key supporters, benefactors and New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, UNCF (United Negro College Fund) has chosen out of a plenitude of alert to move the date of the up and coming New Orleans UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball that was planned for Saturday, March 14. General wellbeing concerns must take point of reference at the present time. The new date for the UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball will be imminent.

UNCF conducts major gathering pledges balls and affairs broadly and during the time as a way to offer basic help to meriting undergrads and to UNCF’s 37 part private verifiably dark school and colleges (HBCUs).

New Orleans UNCF

The New Orleans UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball is a private occasion financed by UNCF givers and supports, and is facilitated by Mayor Cantrell, with whom we have an incredible relationship and genuinely value her impassioned help. Nonetheless, UNCF comprehends the worries around the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and deferentially wishes to protect everybody until this general wellbeing emergency can be settled.

For a long time, UNCF has helped the greater part a million understudies go to school, however consistently we should dismiss nine out of 10 understudies because of absence of subsidizing. Our HBCUs, similar to Xavier and Dillard colleges, both situated in New Orleans, and the understudies they serve rely upon UNCF’s help through occasions, for example, the Mayor’s Masked Ball.

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