ULM drops 3 of 4 at New Orleans Invitational


A 5-0 compass of Nicholls State a weekend ago observed the ULM sea shore volleyball crew enter the New Orleans Invitational with high expectations.

Those expectations appeared to work out as expected to start the invitational as the Warhawks again coordinated with Nicholls State and again overwhelmed, winning 5-0.


The Warhawks would ride that force into the sand however, as a range by Tulane transformed a promising end of the week into a heartbreaker as the Warhawks would drop the following two matches too to Spring Hill and Southern Miss, losing the two matches 3-2.

The Warhawks will a chance to bounce back against Southern Miss and Spring slope during the LSU Beach Invitational one week from now.

The misfortunes drop the Warhawks to only 3-10 to start the year, including a 0-6 beginning during their debut season in the Coastal Collegiate Sports Association.

The primary match of the end of the week was overwhelmed by Warhawks’ fourth-seeded pair of Elizabeth Moreland and Abbie Elder, who brought down Katie Jones and Bailey Lyons by scores of 21-10 and 21-5.

That was trailed by a 21-5, 21-9 triumph from ULM’s fifth-seeded pair Bailey Smith and Allie Kemp, who vanquished Meghan Wozniak and Lilly Bivens.

The success over Nicholls stamped fifth untouched arrangement win for ULM, all of which have come in 5-0 style. The content would flip against Tulane, who might guarantee its 6th continuous success against ULM.

The fourth and fifth seeded sets that overwhelmed against Nicholls were ruled by Tulane, falling in two sets each.

ULM tried to bob back against Spring Hill and got looking early so far as first-pair Julia Blazek and Gabby Love won in continuous sets. Third-seeded couple Holland Ponthieux and Audrey Brooks would too win.

Like against Tulane the fourth and fifth pair would lose, the disaster would originate from the fifth pair who went to a third set before falling 15-7.

The fourth and second combines would give the Warhawks wins against Southern Miss yet a prevailing success by Southern Miss against the fifth pair would impel them to a success. As every one of the two group’s first and third pair took three sets each with ULM dropping

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