Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Launching Atlas: A New Cross-Platform Ad Solution

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Facebook Inc. just ventured into Google’s territory, yet again. This time, it’s Ad Sense vs. Atlas!

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Google Inc. has been leading the online advertisement business for years on end, but now Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) may have something to say, since it is launching a user-advertisement platform named “Atlas” to rival with Google’s powerful Ad Sense.

Throughout the years, we have seen how Facebook has been developing from a simple social network into much more, and time introduced us to paid stories, paid ads and promoted posts – we all witnessed as Facebook grew to be much more than a social network.

Google’s Ad Sense can tailor and cater to our individual needs by using many techniques, like cookie injection and analysis to determine where are we surfing to, where did we come from, what products are we interested in and so on. By the use of cookies, Google can anticipate what are our current needs and desires and serve ads accordingly – the key to Ad Sense’s success is customization and being unique to each.

Now, cookies have some limitations, and if you clean your cookies, you’ll be able to erase your browsing history. Not only this, but they are pretty much limited as far as cross-platforming goes, as people use different devices, browse with their mobile devices, and these “cookies” just follow the user’s behavior with a single machine.

Atlas, on the other hand, belongs to Facebook – and we all know Facebook doesn’t need cookies to determine our interests and needs. We all know Facebook as a vast amount of data at its disposal to make sure Atlas is a hit.

Although we still don’t know how the Atlas is going to work, this is something we have to keep our eyes on, and we’ll keep you posted.