New iPhone Blocks N.S.A. Surveillance:

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Apple worries a lot about the little things, such as a drop-down menu design and the bending properties of their devices, but it seems to worry about the big things such as N.S.A. surveillance.

Now, authorities worry the device is going to be targeted by evil-doers as the Apple device encrypts e-mails, contacts and more, all in a unique coding language developed by the end user.

Without the user’s assistance, the code can take over five years to decipher, according to Apple.

James Comey, FBI, stated his concern for the fact companies are now marketing ways for people to hide things from the law, and he gave the example of having a phone as the only way to find a kidnapper’s victim and be unable to decode the phone’s contents.

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Only time will tell if this is going to be a platform for terrorists, dictators and criminals, but an Agent predicted this is pretty much what is going to happen.