Small Blackberry: Passport to a new market?

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Blackberry released the “Passport”, a Smartphone which has that name thanks to being passport sized, working both via touchscreen and keyboard. The event was shown by the company in several different events, and it’s the product Blackberry hopes it will rival its many competitors through differentiation.

This comes after the company was restructured, so the man in charge, CEO John Chen, wants to prove he can run a company that produces steady profit and revenue levels. Morningstar claims Blackberry needs to develop a viable phone model to compete with the titans, and the company hopes this is it!

The price tag isn’t set on stone yet, but the number $599 was suggested. The device will download apps from Amazon, so that’s an exciting new feature.

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Having said this, the Blackberry classic will also be launched soon, and the company hopes that at least one of them hits the spot!