Ambush Suspect was Odd and Passionate: Director didn’t see any threat

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Frein, 31 years old, is charged with killing a trooper and injuring another on an ambush outside a Pennsylvania State Police Barracks. He sneaked past hundreds of law enforcement officers in the woodland of the Pocono Mountains.

The documentary “Vietnam Appreciation Day” featured Eric Frein, who talked about how the reenactments helped the general public to know more about the equipment and history of each event, and the director, Patrick Bresnan, recalls Frein being odd and segregating himself all the time.

The director adds Frein despised the way the other re-enactors acted since they were playing war when he was focused on replaying history. He was so strict and wanted everything so perfect that he was even talking French and loosing himself every time an authentic rifle of that period was in his hands.

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Bresnan added Eric was educated, even more so than others around him, and he never thought he was a threat.