Gerard Depardieu: Actor Brags about drinking 14 bottles of wine per day!

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The 65 years old actor Gerard Depardieu claims he sometimes drinks fourteen bottles of wine in a single day, and though he already had heart surgery, he starts the day by drinking champagne and wine, even before the clock hits 10 am.

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Depardieu states he mixes up other alcoholic beverages in between, and he does confess to drinking two bottles of wine at lunch and beer during the afternoon, adding scotch and vodka at night. The artist claims he never gets drunk though, and that his body absorbs it all with no side-effects.

Mental Health specialist Michel Lejoyeux warns that his consumption is well above every limit (that we already know) and condemns the behavior.

The actor, who is supposedly never drunk, had a famous incident where he was expelled from an Air France flight because he was caught urinating in a corridor.