Jimmy Fallon and Barbra Streisand: A Duet made in Heaven

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Jimmy Fallon received Barbra Streisand on the Tonight Show, and he even sang a duet with the legendary star. Fallon sang the parts of Elvis Presley, Michael Bublé and Blake Shelton – and he did quite well, especially in Elvis’ track “Love Me Tender.”

Streisand congratulated the Tonight Show’s host, claiming she didn’t felt the difference when he sang Blake’s part in “I’d want it to be You.”

Unfortunately for Jimmy, when it was time to sing Bublé, Barbra warned him not to quit his night job.

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Overall, the actress / singer confessed she was pretty impressed and that she watches Fallon all the time, so she knows he is a musical man.

Barbra needs no review, since you know she has her own league – you can listen to her in “Partners,” her new album on sale right now!