Nicki Minaj Dress Design: Wardrobe Malfunction Revealed and Approached

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We are very aware of the wardrobe malfunction Nicki Minaj experienced at the MTV VMAs, but now she revealed how she just ended up having that accident

The pop star states she had very little time to change outfits and that she didn’t want to wear the same bra as not to overshadow Ariana Grande and Jessie J with her green bra when they were wearing black and white.

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Minaj goes on stating she was dressing in the dark while her crew didn’t zip it up, and she tried to grab her grass on stage as to avoid revealing much since she had “no underwear.”

Was this the case or are we facing a poor design with her dress? Was the dress designed some sizes short or with flaws? Was it just a marketing stunt?

We’ll never know…