iPhone 6: Diamond Decorated Version available for $48.5m

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You can buy a gold-made iPhone 6, but that isn’t enough for some, and that’s why you can preorder a gold iPhone 6 with an encrusted diamond on the back – a pink diamond that is.

If your friends get their hand on a gold iPhone 6, show them who’s boss by showing them your gem!

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There’s a platinum coating available for those who don’t like the shine of gold, and don’t forget to get earphones to match your purchase, they are a measly $300.000 after all!

There’s now a certain controversy about whether the new iPhone will have a sapphire screen or not, but you’ll be able to get a sapphire mounted on the back – and that will only cost you about $4.75 million!

Ok, let’s talk about Falcon and its Bespoke collection now. You can choose several different stones to attach to your mobile device, among them you can choose between a sapphire, emerald-cut diamond, black diamond and ruby – and they will certainly get everyone looking at you, just be careful walking around bad neighborhoods.

The SuperNova collection, however, has the highest priced gems, like the pink diamond, blue diamond and orange diamond.

Are your gems “outrageous”? (Pop-Culture Reference)