Serena Williams, The Leopard: Bringing Sexy into the Courts

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Serena Williams’ leopard pattern dresses are getting quite the attention. The athlete wears a pink leopard print dress during the day and a black one during the night – and it is getting a lot of focus by the fashion and design press.
Nike’s representatives were quick to state the dress was specially designed to follow Serena Williams’ curves, being extra short to allow the tennis player to enjoy freedom for her lateral movements, and additional coverage from the photographers, we guess.
The leopard print has been catching fire though, and you can easily see lots of fans using replicas of her now famous dress. She tested every single outfit Nike was producing for her, along with footwear and accessories, and all of her feedback was taken into consideration for this final look.
Another design people have been buying into is the leopard printed wristband the athlete wears, and sales can boom if the start hits it strong on the courts, during this year.